New Members

Our newest Members.

IPS Italy Srl
May 2023

IPS Italia offers a portfolio of cutting-edge services in the field of import and distribution of newspapers, magazines and books. Each publisher can choose from a wide range of services exactly those services that allow to maximize their sales chances.

IPS Italia currently supplies around 8,500 newsagents (but also alternative points of sale, such as direct accounts, bookshops, hotels, airports, museums, cafes, fashion/modeling/music shops) with the main and most prestigious international publications, and 500 bookshops with most important best-sellers in the main international languages.

IPS Italy has over 60 years of experience and, as the market leader in the international press sector, is the most important Italian partner for foreign publishers.

Currently, IPS Italia distributes around 45 newspapers, 1,200 periodical titles, and a book catalog of around 25,000 titles from 39 countries in 34 languages. The completely interconnected distribution and logistics network uses four large sorting centers in Milan, Verona, Bologna and Rome in order to allow punctual and widespread distribution throughout the Italian territory.

A Week Abroad
Individual Member
May 2023

A Week Abroad is a collection of travel books to live a week like a local. We meet up with artists,
entrepreneurs, chefs, artisans or nature lovers who share their favourite local spots with you.
Exceptional local products, tasty hidden restaurants, traditional crafts or natural treasures, discover the addresses that your friends from all around the world could have given you. Through our analog photographs, illustrations and interviews, we tell you their stories, stories of inspiring characters who embody the local culture. It is they who give the tempo, the scent, the taste and the character of a city or a region. A Week Abroad reinvents travel, by placing people center stage and promoting local economies.

SPR Ramseier Consulting
Ancillary Service Provider
May 2023

Consulting for publishing houses to increase reach and visibility, to enter the Swiss market or to specifically attract more readers for your publication. In addition, analysis of distribution costs, as well as the optimization of those.

Múlt-kor Alapítvány
Apr 2023

The Múlt-kor historical magazine has been spreading scientific knowledge since 2000. The purpose of Múlt-kor is to present information about the past, as well as the latest research results, to the readers in a comprehensible, fast and up-to-date manner on the web and in print.

Swissquote Bank SA
Mar 2023

Swissquote Magazine aims primarily at today’s investors and features ground-breaking stories to guide investors toward a successful personal investment strategy.  It gives in-depth insights, fresh ideas and interviews with businessmen and women from Switzerland and abroad.

It is the largest Swiss financial magazine and has been published in 3 languages: French, German, and English since 2010.

Swissquote Bank: 
Swissquote Magazine:

Courier Meida
Mar 2023

Courier publishes magazines, “magbooks”, and books throughout the year. Distributing internationally across newsstands and specialist retailers.
Courier also has a large online digital presence in the form of newsletters and a daily updated website.

atrato GmbH
Jan 2023

atrato is a Service Provider for the travel companies with a focus of International Airports and Airlines. As expert for Airline Logistics & Services, press procurement and whole sales, atrato is connecting companies and services for a better customer experience and efficient procedures – Landside and Airside.

Lucid Direct Media
Ancillary Service Provider
Dec 2022

founded Lucid Direct in 2001, with a desire to make a difference for whoever we worked with – be that
in terms of sales or profitability whilst making the journey enjoyable and fun.
We have stuck to those core principles throughout, whilst constantly looking at ways of refining and
developing the journey. Whilst working across a variety of companies across UK, Europe, Asia &
Australasia, we have sought to embrace cultural changes and share those with clients.
Our business continues to evolve with retailers and suppliers alike, from a range of industries –
newspapers and magazines, to toys to drinks, but our core ethos remains the same and our ways of
working focused on making a difference.