DistriPress Training Foundation (DTF)

Mission and Values

The DistriPress Training Foundation is an independent, self-governing, non-profit organisation registered in Zurich and subject to Swiss law. Whilst the name may have changed over the years, the mission and values of the DTF have been consistent: to promote free press by encouraging people who work in the industry to share and exchange their knowledge, and to provide learning tools to help develop our leaders of the future from across the DistriPress membership and the press industry.

Since 1981, around 50 candidates have benefited from the original scheme, which was based on placing nominated trainee candidates in to a DistriPress member companies for 2 weeks.

We know how much these graduates valued their DTF experience. However, we also recognise that the way in which companies train and develop staff has changed, and the DTF must change too. The DTF committee members started work on a re-launch plan for the DTF to meet the existing needs and expectations of Distripress members and it should be ready in the coming months.


In 1970, the DistriPress Training Scheme Committee (TSC) was established. The concept was conceived by Pat Street in his role as Newsstand Director at Newsweek. During his travels in Africa, Asia and Latin America, Pat had identified the need to support press development in these continents. His idea was to encourage the exchange of knowledge and experience between publishers and distributors in less developed regions with their colleagues in more industrialised areas.

Following Pat’s death in 1979, it was decided that the TSC would set up a foundation in his honour to continue his work. This was known as The Pat Street Memorial Scholarship Fund. This was duly incorporated in 1981 and remained a training body until 1997, when the decision was made to re-name it as the DistriPress Training Foundation, to support DistriPress member companies in the training and development of their people.

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Singapore 1973. Pat Street, the originator of the Distripress Training Scheme Committee, now DTF.
The Mediastar team in India shared their knowledge with the DTF’s 2015 candidate, Karuna Maharjan from Bazaar in Nepal.
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