DistriPress is a non-political and non-profit making Association of companies, non-profit organisations and individuals of repute, engaged in the national and international circulation of publications in print and digital formats.

DistriPress is registered as an Association in Zurich, Switzerland and is subject to Swiss law.

Our role:

Our role is to make business-to-business connections for members around the world that promotes the global circulation and distribution of press products in print and digital format.


Our objectives:

  • To assist in the promotion of press freedom worldwide with special regard to the freedom of press circulation and to support UNESCO in promoting the free flow of ideas.
  • To offer a regular platform for members in the form of a website, congresses, trade events and publications in order to facilitate the co-operation and the exchange of information and ideas from the national and international press industry.
  • To represent impartially the activities and interests connected with the circulation of newspapers, magazines, periodicals, bookazines and paperbacks across all platforms.
  • To further the development of fair and efficient trade in press circulation.


Our community:

Is made up of members from across the globe over 50+ countries who are publishers, printers, wholesalers, distributors and retailers, plus complementary product and service providers, all engaged in the end-to-end press supply chain.

DistriPress Congress delegates